Snickers and Skittles NFL Hunger Handoff: Get a FREE Snickers or Skittles coupon


Every NFL Monday Night Football match you can get a FREE Snickers or Skittles coupon, these are the steps you must follow to get the coupon:

1. Visit the Snickers or Skittles Facebook page or social media.
2. Look for the Monday Night Football Hunger Handoff post and click the featured link.
3. This will launch a chat bot within Facebook Messenger with instructions to sign up.
4. If the announced Snickers Hunger Play or Skittles Trick Play of that week happens on MNF, you get a coupon to redeem a free Snickers bar or Skittles pack.

The free coupon must be redeemed by 15:00 PST on the Monday immediately following the offer.

The Snickers and Skittles Hunger Handoff promotion will be available from September 9 to December 24, 2018.

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