Subway Golden Token Promotion: Win trips and instant prizes at


The new Subway Golden Token Promotion has just begun. Enter for your chance to win instant prizes including an NBA All-Star Game Trip, a Rose Bowl Trip, a Daytona 500 Trip, an NHL All-Star Game Trip and more.

1. To enter, you must be a Subway MyWay Rewards member. If you are not a member yet click here to join for free.
2. Once you are a member, use your Subway MyWay Rewards account to make a qualifying purchase at any Subway location in the US.
3. Within approximately 48 hours, you will receive an invitation email to play the Subway Golden Token Game.
4. Go to the official Subway Golden Token Promotion website at, enter your email and then fill out the entry form with the requested personal details.
5. Follow the instructions and submit the form to discover whether you are one of the instant prize winners.
6. Prizes will be made available at random times throughout the Game Period. The first person to complete a Game Play at or after the randomly predetermined winning times will be a potential prize winner. Promotion ends on November 15, 2018.

– 1 winner of an NBA All-Star Game Trip valued at $8,200.
– 1 winner of a Rose Bowl Trip valued at $6,290.
– 1 winner of a Daytona 500 trip valued at $7,100.
– 1 winner of an NHL All-Star Game Trip valued at $7,500.
– 100 winners of a 48-quart Cooler valued at $37.56 each.
– 80 winners of a Golf Umbrella valued at $16 each.
– 300 winners of Sidelines Towels valued at $3.60 each.
– 1600 winners of a 32-ounce Contour Squeeze Bottle valued at $1.77 each.
– 80 winners of a $100 Subway Gift Card.
– 40 winners of a $250 Subway Gift Card.
– 28 winners of a Subway Gift Card – loaded with 1,000 Subway MyWay Reward Program tokens.
– 20 winners of a 1-gallon Cooler valued at $11.25 each.
– 100 winners of Sling Backpacks valued at $4.07 each.
– 20 winners of a Gatorade Trainer Bag valued at $55.64 each.

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