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Nowadays it has become easier than ever to run your own giveaways and contests. Whether you want it to be easy to use and understand for everyone or rather to have a more visually compelling interface, the truth is that sometimes one can be overwhelmed by the amount of contest platform choices. The purpose of this article is to help you out by giving you a brief account of the top 7 giveaways and contest platforms.


Let’s start with Vyper, one of the best contest platforms available. Vyper uses the viral principle to increase more social engagement and followers. With this tool, you can create contests and rewards programs that generate more emails and social engagement through viral referrals. You don’t even need to know how to code, you can just easily create a great looking contest landing page with the tools available. Unlike other platforms you can even show a leaderboard of the contestants.

The advantage of Vyper is that it is a very flexible platform: you can use it if your winner is chosen at random or by merit via the public leaderboards or even manually. Vyper limits the possibility of cheating by verifying through API connections, where possible, the entries of every participant. Their anti-cheating system is one of the best available.

Another interesting feature is the follow-up, which allows you to send emails straight from Vyper, while embedding your contestant’s info like their share link or contest login link. Vyper is free to use with some limited tools or you can get their professional tools starting from $49 per month.


The second giveaway platform is Gleam, which is one of the most widely used in the world. It doesn’t matter if you are managing a competition, offering instant rewards, creating social galleries, or email capturing, this platform will allow you to do everything through an easy-to-handle dashboard. This is a Business Growth Platform that allows you to use the four apps at the same time very easily.  Moreover, when it comes to pricing, Gleam can also be a flexible tool and adjust to your budget; it allows you to either enjoy all four apps for a monthly fee of $97, or, if you prefer it, you can get each app separately for the following prices: Competitions – $10 per month; Rewards, Galleries and Captures for $29 per month, each.



The next one in our list is Woobox. This platform is marketing oriented and allows you to create and manage multiple campaigns, contests, giveaways, polls, quizzes and much more. It contains templates ready for you to start your campaign, powerful capabilities that meet your marketing creative needs, and an easy tool that allows you to manage submissions, winners, galleries, etc. Woobox is also better-known for its costs’ flexibility, because it allows all type of users, from beginners to fully developed agencies, to find the option that fits their budget and needs. Their packages range from the free service one which includes a handful of tools to start your campaigns to the Power Pack that allows you to use all their tools for $249 per month. Of course, these are only the two sides of the spectrum; you can also start by getting the Basic service for $37 a month or the Advanced service for $99 every month.



On the fourth place we have Rafflecopter, a tool specialized in Giveaways management. This platform is one of the easiest to handle in the market, needing no coding to create your Giveaways. Literally, you can create an account and launch your Giveaway in a matter of minutes by using their functional tools. In regards of pricing, this platform allows you to start at $13 per month with the basic pack and to move on to the Grow or the Premium pack for $43 and $84 respectively, all of them preceded by a free trial.



Next up is Socialman, which is an app for social media giveaways.  This is another easy-to-handle platform that allows you to manage your Giveaways through a friendly no-code-needed setup widget. It also allows you to use multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Vkontakte, Steam, Discord, Mixer, and Twitch. Moreover, this platform provides you with constant Help and Support and preview features that allows you to perfect your Giveaway before posting it for the public. Another useful tool is its detailed statistics that show you what you need to know about your audience (referral, URL, browser, user information, etc). You can go with the basic service, which requires no fee, the standard service for $9 per month, or the Pro version, which includes all the tools in the platform for $29 a month.


GiveLab is another platform for those who are interested in growing social media and boosting their brand through creative Giveaways. GiveLab allows you to make any type of Giveaway to interact with your social media. This platform is compatible with all devices, from mobile phones and tablets to full size desktops. In terms of cost effectiveness, GiveLab has a free package which already includes Unlimited Giveaways and Participants. The Premium service adds a considerable number of winners per giveaway and Facebook Tab Install (among other features) for $9.99 a month. Finally, the Business plan has no limit to the number of winners, entry steps or repeatable steps (plus a bunch of other features): all this for only $29.99 per month.



Woorise is a platform designed to run Contests, Giveaways and Competitions and to generate social engagement. One of the main features of this platform is its flexibility for both the creative and the practical person. It features tools that allow you to customize your Contests and Competitions but it also includes a full stack of pre-made layouts and templates for those who need to get things done quickly, without sacrificing visual appeal. Moreover, this platform offers a tool with pre-made build social actions to increase interaction and followers. In terms of cost, Woorise offers four packs for everyone’s specific budget and needs: the platform has a free pack with 500 entries; a basic version with 2000 entries for €23 per site; a grow version with 5000 entries for €39 per site; and a Pro package with 2o,ooo entries for €79 per site (among other features).



As you can see, there are multiple options out there for all of those who want to manage giveaways and contests and to increase their engagement and social media presence in the process. This article is only a small selection of them, each covering different needs: whether you are a creative or a practical time-is-money person, whether your goal is to increase your followers or social engagement, these contests options can be a useful tool to fulfill those needs. It all depends on your goals and how much money and time you need to invest. We encourage you to take your time and check them all out. If you want something that people are familiar with you should try Gleam. If you want something simple but limited go with Rafflecopter. However if you need something more complete, with viral social engagement and the most robust anti-cheating system you can’t go wrong with Vyper.


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