About Us

Who doesn’t love promotions? We all know that feeling of discovering a great deal, or of filling out a sweepstakes entry form and dreaming about winning a new car, or an incredible trip to a place we have never been before…

I Like Promos is a website in which anyone can share deals, sales, sweepstakes, contests and everything related to promotions in the United States. If the promotion is good, visitors of the website can vote for it by clicking the thumbs up icon. Promotions with more “thumbs up” go to the top and get more visibility.

Our goal is simple: We would like to build a community of people who love promotions, so that our visitors can enjoy a daily compilation of the best promotions in a website that is easy to navigate and where users can find quickly the information they are looking for.

It is important to point out that unless mentioned otherwise, we do not organize any of the promotions shared on this website.

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I Like Promos