Tide Sweepstakes 2021: Win free laundry products for a Year and more at tidesweeps.com

Enter the Tide Sweepstakes 2021 and get a chance to win free laundry products for a Year and more!

To enter this Sweepstakes, go to tidesweeps.com during the entry period, and, once there, scroll down to locate the online entry form. Then, follow the on-screen directions to fully complete and submit it with all the requested information. After having completed these steps, you will obtain one entry into the Sweepstakes.

Entries are limit to one per person during the entire Sweepstakes Period, which ends on August 31st,, 2021. At the end of the Sweepstakes Period, one winner will be selected in a random drawing from among all the eligible entries received. Winning notification will be conducted via the contact information provided at the time of entry. Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received.

The Grand Prize winner will be awarded FOUR Tide PODS tubs (81ct), FOUR Downy liquid fabric conditioner bottles (51oz), FOUR (Unstopables In-Wash Scent Boosters (26.5oz), THREE Bounce dryer sheets packages (240ct), and SIX Bounce Rapid Touch-Up sprays.

  1. Yes I bought a whirlpool washing machine and receive this entry form to entre my ID number but where do I enter this number for a chance to win free laundry products for a year. ??????

  2. We love Whirlpool products. But I don’t like the modern ones. They have to many things go wrong and can’t afford to have them fixed cause the parts cost more than a new one and can’t find someone you can trust to fix it or or be honest with you about what is wrong the first time. Then have to replace another part.

  3. I have an ID code i received when i bought my new washing machine. The ID is GVRNM7TY. Thank you
    Joan Bowman . I purchased this machine at Lowes in Warner Robins,Georgia,
    My email is joan.bowman63@yahoo.com
    My name is Joan Bowman , Cochran, Georgia 31014

  4. I need to enter my ID from buying a GE washing machine at Home Depot, but where am I suppose to enter the number?

  5. My code is WKJ7NJ3W

  6. Mary Fulcer

    My code is W3K3KHVP

  7. mon code est WCDKFTD3

  8. Karen Lunt July 30, 2001 GJRRR4CR new GE machines purchased this week at Home Depot, Wenatchee Washington

  9. Code GJRRR4CR two new GE machines purchased Home Depot July 24,2001

  10. Purchased Maytag TL Washer July 15,2021 From Lowe”s
    Manahawkin NJ
    Code WHVX3P37

  11. Reply
    Elizabeth Rubendall August 4, 2021 at 4:28 am

    I purchased a new washer / dryer set from Jones Appliance in Iowa Falls, Ia on Aug. 3, 2021. My code number is WPQJFPPN. LOVE my new set and always use Tide products!!!

  12. I am a Whirlpool fan! I needed a new set after 12 years of good use. Love my whirlpool and I am confident that I will love the new ones just as well. My code is WPQJFPPN. Thank you for such wonderful appliances!

  13. Reply
    JORGE L PEREZ LAFUENTE August 7, 2021 at 11:46 am

    I purchased a new washer Maytag from Home Depot Hatillo, PR 00659 on July 31, 2021. My code number is WNVXCCJH.


  15. My code is WPNRJDTR purchased my Maytag in July, 2021 (have always had Maytag, over 40yrs.)

  16. My code is WYWCMJT9

  17. mon identifiant est WFCFQJHN

  18. ID W9KPYJQ3

  19. My I’d # GNFQMKRJ

  20. MY ID WJ3JQ4FM

  21. Duaine Melton Emden, Il. New washer 9/19/2021 ID # WRXN#MRK

  22. Duaine Melton Emden, Il. New washer 9/19/2021 ID # WRXN#MRK My old washer was trouble free for 25/28 years. Hoping this one lasts that long !!!

  23. maragarita gorom ID G39WJKQW

  24. tom barnett id #gcfrd7kp i bought a new washer GE brand entering free giveaway sweepstakes . thanks.


    ID# WT7D3K7V

  26. Free laundry products for a year? Is this some kind of scam? It is so confusing how or where to enter the ID that many, I am sure just give up as I am. You at GE would be better served to not offer this “freebie”.

  27. bought new GE washing machine 10/28/2021.ID# G3FDQPDJ for tide in with owners manual.could not find where to or how to enter #!


  29. I bought a Maytag washer, and like Doug, Donald et al, agree that the “sweeps” entry process is confusing. My ID W3VFDJFM (on a Whirlpool card) for what it’s worth.

  30. Nicole Faucher mon identifiant est w4xprcw3

  31. J’ai acheté un ensemble de laveuse sécheuse Whirpool

  32. A new Whirlpool washer was purchased 12/9/21 at Lowe’s in Paducah, KY. The ID is WVYQ4FQF.

  33. I bought a hot Point GG 12/7/2021was purchased in Freeport Il at Rite-Way id is GQWYYPR4 card says free laundry products for a year or a $1oo Gift Card hope this isn’t a cham

  34. My question is, for those of us who purchased our new machines after the qualifying period ended August 31, 2021 can no enter?

  35. Just bought a new washer and dryer trying to win the free laundry products for a year or a $100.00 gift card.

  36. Just bought a new washer and dryer from Menards in Sidney Ohio need to know how and where to enter ID# WJVTDN7N

  37. Jane purchased a new whirlpool washer from Adams Plumbing and Heating, Osage Iowa the TIDESWEEPS ID code is {WKN3D3CQ]. She could really use the Tide Laundry products for a year. Thank you for the opportunity.

  38. New Maytag washer bought at Home Depot, League City, Texas 12-24-2021

  39. #GV9MDNQDY

  40. I have info saying the sweepstakes end June 30, 2022 – really?

  41. W99RMPTQT Connie Miller June 4th 2022


  43. Maytag model # MVWC565FW3 Serial # CB25 00736 purchased 7/7/22 at Home Depot , Newton NJ
    ID WF9JWDK74

  44. GE Code: GTKCR3N4Q

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